Our Services

Property Management

The Property Management department offcers a variety of services, managing over 1,500 residential and commercial rental units. Our managers have experience with conventional properties as well as affodable HUD Section 8 Housing. Some of our rental locations include:

- Hidden Creek
- Windtree Place
- Windtree Hill
- Greenbriar

- Holly Tree
- Wexford (Anderson, SC)
- Woodland Court
- Chinquapin Commons
- ... and More!

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Maintenance and Service

The Maintenance and Service department exist for the performance of routine, preventative, requested corrective, scheduled replacement, and emergency maintenance and services associated with the property managed by Town and Country. Additionally, the department performs these same services, including remodeling and light construction to retail, residential, and commercial customers.

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Community (HOA) Management

The Community Management department manages 21 Homeowner Associations (HOA), which represents over 1,500 Units. Threw our management, we offer several options for out clients. Clients may choose from the following:

Management Services:
- Inspections
- Governing Documents
- Contract Administration

Administrative Services:
- Meetings
- Insurance
- Maintenance Contracts
- Public Relations

Financial Services:
- Assesments
- Budget Management
- Disbursements
- Fund Management
- Financial Statements

Maintenance Programs:
- Routine Maintenance
- Preventative Maintenance
- Emergancy Maintenance
- Scheduled Replacement

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