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About Our Services

Our community association management division oversees 22 Homeowner Associations, which represents more than 1,600 additional units statewide. Our team has the experience and expertise that is needed to handle your individual needs, large or small. We welcome the opportunity to show you the kind of difference Town and Country can make to your community association.

Description of Our Services

Management Services


  • Conduct regular property inspections of all common areas
  • Prepare a findings report for the Board, with recommendations
Governing Documents
  • Enforce the association's rules and regulations as directed by the board
  • Assist the board in the interpretation of all legal documents
  • Provide professional service with any changes to the association's legal documents
Contract Administration
  • Manage service contracts such as landscape maintenance, garbage collection, pest control and others as required
Financial Services

  • Invoice all regular and special assessments
  • Handel delinquent accounts
  • Coordinate attorney's involvement in collections if required by the board
Budget Management
  • Prepare and submit the annual budget to the board based on historic and current cost for approval
  • Review and approve all invoices
  • Review and approve all annual contracts payments
  • Disburse funds as directed by the board
Fund Management
  • Establish and manage association accounts with board approved financial institutions
Financial Statements
  • Prepare monthly statements including balance sheet, P & L  statement compared to current budget, and a cash flow chart
  • Prepare an explanation of all budget variances
  • Prepare a monthly delinquent report for receivables
Administrative Services

  • Schedule and attend board meetings
  • Schedule and attend annual POA/HOA meeting agendas
  • Prepare and distribute materials for all meetings
  • Solicit insurance proposals for board approval for property, liability and D& O coverage
  • Have insurance agents annually review policy and make recommendations
  • Oversee any claim efforts
  • Request proof of current worker's comp and G/L insurance coverage from all service contractors and maintain a certificate-of-insurance file
Maintenance Contracts
  • Supervise service contractors such as landscape maintenance, trash collection, pest control and others as required
  • Solicit quotes on a regular basis to ensure we are obtaining the best services and prices for annual contracts
Public Relations
  • Respond to questions and problems from residents and/or renters
  • Supply copies of governing documents to buyers, attorneys, realtors and bankers
  • Develop and distribute an association newsletter
  • Supply escrow packets for closing agents when properties transfer
Maintenance Programs

Routine Maintenance
  • Regular, reoccurring upkeep (such as cleaning clubhouse, cutting grass, changing light bulbs)
  • A work order program for service personnel
  • Sub-contractors hiring for specialized tasks, if needed
  • Monitoring of an emergency phone line in case of "after hours" emergency calls
Preventive Maintenance
  • Will establish and manage a maintenance program designed to avoid disruptive breakdowns and to prolong the useful life of each physical asset (for example, cleaning problem sewer lines and cleaning coils and filters in HVAC systems)
Emergency Maintenance
  • Respond to unpredictable problems such as roof leaks, frozen pipes, fallen trees and other issues affecting safety and health
  • Anticipate different emergency possibilities for a property and develop a plane for responding

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