Our Team

Town and Country Property Management, Inc. offers you a highly qualified and knowledgeable staff to help you with all your property management needs.

Regardless of the size of your property, our team strives to treat each investment property, owner, and tenant with professional care. Contact us at info@tcgrd.com to find out how you can join the Town and Country Property Management, Inc. family.

                           Executive Team

Calhoun Mays, III
Tel: (864) 388-4011
E-mail: mays@tcgrd.com
Wilson Bruce
Tel: (864) 388-4001
E-mail: wrbruce@tcgrd.com
Jill Ginn
Administrative Assistant
Tel: (864) 388-4002
E-mail: jginn@tcgrd.com

                          Property Managers

Ted Long
Property Manager/Licensed Real Estate Agent
Tel: (864)388-4016
E-mail: tlong@tcgrd.com

Mike Young
Property Manager/Licensed Real Estate Agent
Tel: (864) 388-4019
E-mail: myoung@tcgrd.com

Anne Farquhar
Property Manager
Tel: (864) 388-4005
E-mail: afarquhar@tcgrd.com

Rhonda Pitts
Wexford Condominiums Property Manager
Tel: (864) 224-8300
E-mail: wexford@tcgrd.com

Stephanie Haile
Carolina Walk Property Manager
Tel: (803) 708-4872
E-mail: haile@tcgrd.com

Brandon Williamson
Hidden Creek Property Manager
Tel: (864) 943-1111
E-mail: hiddencreek@tcgrd.com

Courtney Russ
Assistant Property Manager
Hidden Creek Properties
Tel: (864) 943-1111
E-mail: mailto:cruss@tcgrd.com


            Maintenance and Remodeling               


Denny Layne
Maintenance & Remodeling Manager
Tel: (864) 388-4008
E-mail: dlayne@tcgrd.com
Jill Ginn
Administrative Support
Tel: (864) 388-4002
E-mail: jginn@tcgrd.com
Pete Anagnost
Service Technician
Kevin Winters
Service Technician
Greg Davis
Service Technician

Marvin Mathis
Service Technician

Steve Chasteen
Service Technician/Carpenter

Kaleb Cabe
Service Technician

Dan Bochenek
Service Technician



Kim Barker
Tel: (864) 388-4013
E-mail: kbarker@tcgrd.com

             Homeowner's Association Management                              


Angie Chapman
HOA Administrator
Tel: (864) 388-4017
E-mail: achapman@tcgrd.com

                                Front Office 


Cheryl Walton                                                          Granger Smith
Front Office Coordinator                                             Front Office Coordinator
Tel: (864) 388-4000                                                    Tel: (864) 388-4000
                                                                                Email: gsmith@tcgrd.com





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