Marketing & Leasing Execution Program

As an alternative for Owners who desire to management their own property but do not have the tools, time or desire to handle the marketing of their property we are offering this option.


We operate in strict compliance with the SC Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and the International Property Maintenance Code. Before we offer a property for lease, we walk through the property doing a visual inspection looking for any obvious damage. If there is any visual damage Town & Country will bring the issue(s) to the owners attention. We also speak to our clients with recommendations that will maximize their return on investment. We have found that by offering a quality product, communicating with the client, completing maintenance requests in a timely fashion; complaints are minimized, plus resident retention and satisfaction are increased.


Once the Resident is found and has completed the application, lease execution, payment of all fees, deposit and rent we turn the documentation over to the Owner so they can manage the lease and property from that point. As the end of the term of the lease approaches, we at the option of the Owner will work to renew the lease or start the remarketing process to find another Resident.



Property Evaluation

There are a number of things to take in consideration in evaluating a property that will help make it more attractive to a prospect.

  • Location – where the property is in the community, what amenities and attractions are close by, the schools and others. All these items will be taken into consideration during the evaluation to create the best marketing plan and pricing.
  • First Impression – As a prospect approaches a property, their first impression needs to be one that invites them into the property. A well maintain yard, with freshly cut grass, flowers, trimmed shrubbery with mulch, exterior of property clean or freshly painted with warm inviting color all make a huge impression.
  • Interior – Once in the home prospects look for how clean and well maintained the property is.
  • Modern Kitchens & Master Bath – These are the two rooms that attract most prospects, so modern new appliances, solid surface countertop are important features


We develop a marketing plan that exposes your property through and by a number of means.

  • The Marketing of the Property starts before the end of a lease and the current tenant moving out.
  • Yard Sign Posted, Numerous Photos taken of Property, Videos Created, Brochures Produced
  • Online Marketing – Prospects now search for properties through Websites on the Internet before they even come to a community and therefore it is imperative to be listed on numerous websites. Your property will be listed on various different sites, such as Zillow and Trulia, to maximize the exposure. Prospects will also be able to come to the Town & Country website and perform the following online
    • View properties
    • Complete a Rental Application form
    • Search Resident FAQ’s
    • Various other functions

Lease Application & Screening

The Application & Screening process is a very important process to assure that we are able to find the best resident for your property. Some processes include:

  • Credit score from Experian
  • Credit Report Address Information
  • Multi-state Sex Offender
  • Background checks
  • SafeRent score
  • Other checks as needed.

Lease & Other Documents Preparation & Execution

  • Legal Review of Documents – We regularly have legal council review our documents to make sure we stay in compliance with all current laws including the Landlord Tenant Act for everyone’s protections.
  • Document Execution – Once the documents (Appliance, Lease, Security Deposit Agreement, Property Inspection Form) are executed they are scanned to be filed electronically.
  • Security Deposit Agreement – This is an agreement the Resident signs that outlines the security deposit amount to be held in the company trust account to insure the resident follows the requirements of the Lease agreement

Proactive Renewal Process

To make sure  there is as little time as possible between Residents, we start marketing 60 days ahead of the current lease end date. This can be accomplished almost instantly with our software system that will start marketing the property with a click of a button which will push the property out to all the markets.